Smoke Rings Cigar Bar began with the vision of its owners - Tom Trella, Bob & Laurie Veet and Michael Barletta. The beautiful atmosphere, focus on excellent service and quality offerings from the Cigar and Drink Menus are designed to ensure the patrons enjoy every minute they spend at Smoke Rings!!

The Owners


Tom Trella

grew up in Kelayres, PA and graduated from Hazleton High School in 1986. He served in the Army Reserves for six years and did a tour of duty in Saudi Arabia in support of Operation Desert Storm. Tom is married to the former Allyson Fisher. They have two daughters, Erica and Emily.


Tom founded the Cigar Box in 1996. He also owned and operated a convenience store until 2005 when he opened Capriotti's Catering. Tom has been involved in the catering business for over 20 years.  He’s an avid Dallas Cowboys fan and has watched every game since 1992. He was lucky enough to have been in attendance at the game where Emmitt Smith broke the all-time rushing record.



Bobby and Laurie Veet

are the proud parents of two daughters, Mallory & Mackenzie. Bobby's first full-time employment was in 1979 at St. Regis Paper Co. in Valmont, now known as Princeton Packaging. He left St. Regis to open Cappy’s a family Restaurant/Pizzeria in Kelayres. He worked at the C & P Grocery store while in high school and then in 1987, he and Laurie bought the store and operated it until they sold it in 2001.


Bobby is a Partner at Capriotti’s Catering along with Tom. Bobby and Laurie are partners in the Cigar Box Stores with Tom since 1996, as well as with Michael who became part owner in 2004. Laurie has been Owner/Manager of the Cigar Box in the Laurel Mall, Hazleton since 2001.



Michael Barletta

grew up in Hazleton.  He was a stand-out high school basketball player for the Hazleton Area Cougars under Coach Bruce Leib. Michael continued his education and basketball career at Muhlenberg College in Allentown where he earned a B.A. in Marketing in 2002.  Throughout high school and college he worked for Tom at Tresckow Superfood then at Cigar Box. He became a partner after managing the second Cigar Box location in the Schuylkill Mall.


Michael is happily married to the former Laura Gavio. They are the parents of two daughters, Mikayla and Gianna.


Together, Smoke Rings owners have decades of experience in the food service and cigar industries. They combine the expertise acquired from each of those backgrounds to present Smoke Rings “…a Unique Cigar Experience!”